Team Trackener - Jeremie Charlet

Jeremie Charlet

Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer

As an experienced software engineer, Jeremie is in charge of the software for Trackener’s app and backend development including server management and data analysis. He enjoys nothing more than hopping between his various tasks as he does at the trampoline park; one of his regular haunts. 

After graduating with an MSc in Computer Science from Stafford University, Jeremie spent 4 years as a software engineer at ATOS Worldline in Lyon where he experienced the full life cycle of projects from design to production. Having always wanted and dreamt of creating his own start-up, this prepared him to take his own product from idea to completion. Then, moving to England, Jeremie began as a software engineer for the National Archives, working on their search engine, application development and server administration. It was during this time he met Pauline and discovered her idea for Trackener Life.

In June 2015, Jeremie officially joined Pauline to launch Trackener, excited by the prospect of entering an industry where Artificial Intelligence has little existence and being able to prevent death and suffering of living beings with data, something he has been passionate to achieve after watching several family members suffer with health issues.

Having ridden for two years as a child and then not until recently when having a few lessons during his time at Trackener, Jeremie plays the assistant groom with Pauline during testing at yards, providing first class TLC for the horses. One day he hopes to achieve some cross-country practice but feels it may be a way off!

Outside of work, Jeremie spends time at the non-profit organisation in France that he co-founded in 2016 dedicated to guide, inform and support intellectually precocious teenagers and young adults. Working between the Trackener office in London and at home in France allows him to go back and visit them regularly. When not spending his time between the two, Jeremie likes to learn new things including trampolining, visiting art galleries and stereotypically plays a lot of video games!

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