How Trackener Life could help manage arthritis

How Trackener Life could help manage arthritis...

Mobility through increased turnout or appropriate exercise is recommended by vets as one of the best treatments for arthritis in terms of changes to lifestyle and management. This is because like us, lack of activity allows stiff joints to seize up. Typically a horse that is suffering from arthritis will move less and struggle to get up and down to rest and sleep due to pain, discomfort and stiffness. For more information on arthritis and how to manage it, visit our health blog.

Using Trackener Life, you can monitor how active your horse is in the field and the stable to determine if he is moving less than normal which may indicate further intervention is required such as changes to supplementation (higher doses/change of supplement), medicinal treatment or even a change of bedding to allow a deeper and more cushioning surface should the horse find it difficult to get down. 

From the app of Trackener Life, as shown below, it is possible to see movement across the hours of the day and days of the week along with the time spent in each gait. You can also see how long the horse spends time resting in the stable, lying down flat or propped up. This means it is transparent when and how often the horse has laid down in the night and allows comparison across the week, month and year.

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