User Story: Monitoring a broodmare with Trackener

Monitoring a broodmare with Trackener

Ingvild Røst and her mare Abigale were one of our first Trackener users to welcome a new foal into the world. Abigale foaled at 11pm on Wednesday 1st May and as pictured below, the app showed a significant increase in activity during that day. Surprisingly, her time spent laying down that night was minimal and exclusive just to the short time it took for the birth to take place, however this correlated with normal activity for Abigale who typically spends less than an hour laying down each night.

Ingvild said It has been very interesting using the Trackener and a really good complement to my camera surveillance, which of course does not cover the entire yard and I am unable to look at it 24/7. I found it useful to track the sleeping/laying down pattern of the mare before foaling. For instance when she changed herd and field she stopped lying down to rest during the day. After having the foal I can see that she lies down almost every night, which is a good sign to me that she is feeling comfortable and safe. 

One day when I was at work I noticed that she was moving a lot more than normal in her field. This turned out to be caused by a huge tractor working in the neighbour field, stressing the pregnant mares. It was a good thing that we discovered this and could move them away from the tractor, as running and stressing is not good for them when being heavily pregnant.The great thing with the Trackener is that it tells me what my horse has been doing in between the visual checks I make on her. I also think that for people who do not have wifi access this is a great option for monitoring their mares"

We look forward to helping Ingvild monitor Abigale as she continues to recover from foaling and enjoys being a mum in the coming months.

If you are interested to start monitoring your broodmare with Trackener Life, please don't hesitate to get in touch or visit our website for more information. We would love to have you onboard the Trackener Community!